Forest Garden Annual Membership 2022 | Green Philosophy - Food Forest Japan


Forest Garden Annual Membership 2022

¥5,000 税込


Green Philosophy runs a forest garden in Matsunoyama and a food forest in Matsudai.
Both are only for members to visit and share.
A 90 minutes workshop for one person, about 120 minutes for two, is included in the membership fee.
In the workshop, you can pick 2 or 3 favorite activities:
- Fruit buffet and sowing the seeds of fruits we eat
- Planting fruit trees
- Making fruit tree guild
- Picking edible plants
- Making herbal tea
- Earthing and nature journaling, etc.

If you use LINE, the members are invited to the closed community where we share detailed daily information.
The members are welcomed to come visit and help anytime when I am working in the forest.
No one can enter the land without appointments and official guides.

The membership is valid until the end of 2022. The activity will end around in November, depending on snowfalls.

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¥5,000 税込