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Monthly Forest Gardener Course for 2022

¥32,000 税込


We offer monthly forest gardener course for one season (7 months).

The course fee includes membership fees.

This course is for:
Who want to start her/his own forest garden/ food forest
Who want to work as a forest gardener/ guide at our forest garden and food forest.

The possible job:
Workshop assistant (filming, photos, preparing for planting, etc.) 1,000 yen/ hour
Forest Garden Guide (in Japanese or in English) 1,500 yen~3,000 yen/ hour
Forest Garden Bilingual Guide 2,000 yen ~5,000 yen/ hour

The 90 min course should be scheduled once a month, during 7 month.
In case you can not come to the site, it is possible to give an online course. (The online should be maximum 3 times out of 7)
If you start the course in June, it will be completed in May next year.

Example of the contents:
1. How to sow seeds
2. How to plant and transplant
3. How to plant fruit trees
4. How to make the guild
5. How to forage edible plants
6. How to make the herbal tea
7. How to make the natural bug spray

How to apply:
1. Please pay through this site
2. Please book the workshop
The workshop will be private or with other course participants.

Once you pay, you cannot cancel the course. So please take your time to consider if you like to participate this course.

If you apply after a 90 minutes workshop for 5,000 yen first, the amount will be deducted from the course participation fee.
So if you are not sure, please try annual membership first.

Looking forward to working with you!

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¥32,000 税込